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Saint John of Damascus - Sgraffito Icon

Saint John of Damascus - Sgraffito Icon

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Saint John of Damascus or John Damascene, - Sgraffito Icon- Original Icon, created in Sgraffito Fresco by iLia Anossov (Fresco).

Sgraffito - Marble White on Classic Black. Sgraffito Style: Classic, Manner: Pristine.
Icon is carved on 30"x40" 3" deep panel, circa 2021, unframed. 

Offered as an Original Icon or as one of "Author's Recreations" (edition of three max).


About the Saint

John of Damascus or John Damascene was a Christian monk, priest, and apologist.

Born and raised in Damascus c. 675 or 676, Syria
Died in Mar Saba Monastery, near Jerusalem on 4 December 749.

Patronage: Pharmacists, icon painters, theology students, Philosophy.

Nicknames: Doctor of the Assumption, John Damascene, John of Damascus, Saint John Damascene, Saint John of Damascus more about the Saint

Saint's Prayer or Troparion

may the prayers of Saint John Damascene help us,
and may the true faith he taught so well,
always be our light and our strength.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you
in the unity with the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

O Lord and Master Jesus Christ our God, who alone hast power to absolve men from their sins, for Thou art good and lovest all men, forgive all my transgressions done in knowledge or in ignorance, and make me worthy without condemnation to have communion of Thy divine and glorious and pure and life-creating mysteries.

Let them not be for my punishment, or for the increase of my sins.
But let them be for my purification and sanctification, as a promise of the life and kingdom to come, a defense and a help and a repulsion of every evil attacker and the removal of my many transgressions.
For Thou art a God of mercy and generosity and love for mankind, and to Thee we send up glory, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages.
Amen. more about the Saint

What are Author's Recreations?

Author's Icon Recreations are the original works created as ordered from the original icon's cartoon [tracing] in the same size by the original author.

They are made by hand using exactly the same technique and will naturally have slight variations. There will not be more than 3.

Original Icon, if available, ships within days from the order.

Please allow 1-3 weeks, for making and curing of the Author's Icon Recreation before fulfillment.

How to Commission an Icon?

You can always commission an original icon from our studio. Please Contact Us to inquire about the commissioning of an icon or a large scale iconography project for your Church

Shipping & Returns


Original Icons ship within days from the order. Author Icon Recreations require 2-3 weeks for making and curing prior to fulfillment.

We offer free shipping within continental US (excluding "Merch" category). For other locations, please Contact Us


All sales are final. No returns. If the Icon arrives damaged - we will replace it (more here).

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