Jesus the Savior Kulikovo Pole

Sgraffito Fresco Iconography

Orthodox Iconography Studio - fresco icons, sgraffito icons and mosaic. 

The Orthodox churches are defined by their adherence to the definitions of the seven /ecumenical/ councils, by the strong sense of not being a sect or a denomination but simply continuing the original /orthodox/ Christian church, and, despite their varied origins, by adherence to the Byzantine rite.

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Above the Clouds Icon Studio

We love leaving up here, above the clouds! We created Above The Clouds Icon Studio to celebrate the gift of life. Do you remember the first time you ever rode a bike? Swam across the lake? Looked down the mountain from Above the Clouds?

Our Patron Saint

“Of old, God the incorporeal and uncircumscribed was never depicted. Now, however, when God is seen clothed in flesh, and conversing with men, I make an image of the God whom I see. I do not worship matter, I worship the God of matter, who became matter for my sake, and deigned to inhabit matter, who worked out my salvation through matter. I will not cease from honouring that matter which works my salvation.”
― John of Damascus, Three Treatises on the Divine Images: Apologia Against Those Who Decry Holy Images.


John of Damascus or John Damascene was a Christian monk, priest, and apologist. Born and raised in Damascus c. 675 or 676; the precise date and place of his death is not known, though tradition places it at his monastery, Mar Saba, near Jerusalem on 4 December 749.

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A Portrait Icons (oplechnaia & podgrudnaya)

Portrait (Bust) Icons - Shoulder-length and Chest-length Icons (oplechnaia & podgrudnaya) 

  • St. Athonasius fresco

    What is Fresco?

    It is said that fresco painting is the logical link between architecture and decoration. During the Renaissance Fresco was regarded to as “The Mother of All Arts”. This statement is as relevant today as it was then. Every culture and it’s painting in particular is greatly influenced by fresco (...more)

  • Jesus the Savior Kulikovo Pole

    What is Sgraffito?

    Similar to Fresco, Sgraffito on walls has been used by all civilizations that have used plasters in their building systems. In combination with ornamental decoration these techniques formed an alternative to the prevailing painting of walls. The technical procedure is relatively simple, and the procedures are similar to the painting of frescoes (...more)

  • Ilia Fresco teaching @ Getty Villa

    Study Fresco & Sgraffito?

    Fresco School was established in 1996 in Los Angeles by fresco artist iLia Anossov (fresco). Hundreds of students have attended our workshops enrolling from US, Canada, Europe. Fresco School is the only Art School that offers ongoing fresco curriculum throughout the calendar year. Our buon fresco technique programs have traveled to many US cities (...more)